Chantily Quintet wows audience

Chantily Bläserquintett Berlin

IMPRESSIVE: The Chantily Quintet put up a memorable performance at the Kampala Serena Hotel . Photo by Bruno Birakwate

Award winning classical musicians, the Chantily Quintet from Germany , treated Kampala ’s classical music lovers to an unforgettable show last Thursday. The audience was left wanting with chants of ‘encore’ when the wind instrumentalists took their final bow. The quintet is a group of five talented musicians Pirmin Grehl(flute), Florian Grube (oboe) Bence Boganyi(bassoon), Johannes Zurl (clarinet) Dmitry Babanov (horn), who perform with major German Orchestras. Either the Africa way of time keeping had rubbed off them or they are just not good time keepers, they kept the guests waiting when the concert that was scheduled to kick off at 7p.m. started at 8p.m. People turned out in big numbers that they almost filled the conference Hall. The audience mostly comprised of the white community in Uganda and a few Ugandan’s. Either classical music has not yet caught on with the local population or the shs30,000 per head was a hefty price to pay for two hours of entertainment. IMPRESSIVE: The Chantily Quintet put up a memorable performance at the Kampala Serena Hotel . Photo by Bruno Birakwate Clad in suits and brightly coloured neckties, the group was welcomed by a polite audience that clapped at the end of each piece but went deathly quiet during the performances, you could hear a pin drop on the carpeted floor! This was a first class concert that did not have an endless curtain raisers, but one where you saw only who you paid to watch. “Expect an energised explosion of the middle European traditional classical music,” promised Bence Boganyi at a press conference at Serena Hotel . And an energised performance is what we got from the young and vibrant performers. While they took the audience to soothing heights with their first piece Serenade, a Mozart piece over 200 years old, they had the audience excited with Mettalaxis, a more current piece that is inspired by animal sounds. After which every instrumentalist played a questionable imitation of an animal sound. Florian playing the oboe sounded the duck, Pirmin the flutist sounded a bird, Johannes echoed the snake with his clarinet, Bence squealed like a mouse with his bassoon and Dmitry, the most believable of the lot, perfectly sounded out an elephant with his French horn. This had the audience, laughing and clapping hard and nodding in their approval at the end of each piece, no doubt bringing out the animal in each of us. The Chantily Quintet , will run a workshop to improve the skills of classical musicians in Uganda at the Kampala Music School , which will include both group and individual lessons before they continue their African tour that will see them perform in Gabon , Cameroon , Ethiopia and Kenya . At the end of the night, the Chantily Quintet had treated the audience to what real music is made of: Sounds from perfectly played instruments and not computer generated beats and amplified sounds from the speakers. They received a standing ovation from the guests, a sign that they had got their money’s worth and everyone was happy. The event was organised by the Uganda German Cultural Society in collaboration with the German Embassy. Other sponsors included Spear motors, Goethe Institute, Radio One, and the Kampala Serena Hotel . Extractedfrom the monitor newspaper